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Item # BA14-PM-P-VC, Pressure Gauges

Specifications  · Pressure Ranges  · Vacuum Ranges  · Compound Ranges  · Option Codes


Dial Size

4 1/2 in

Standard Case Material


Standard Case Style



±1.0 %


Bronze Bushed


Balanced Slotted adjustable


White enameled aluminum. Black graduations and numerals. 270º Arc.

Thread Size

1/2 male NPT
1/4 male NPT


Lower (bottom)
Rear (back)


Suitable for direct or surface mounting. See table below for standard case style. A wide choice of polypropylene, aluminum and stainless steel cases is available for direct, surface and flush panel mounting.

Case Mounting Style

Direct Mount
Flush Panel Mount

Surface Mount

Pressure Ranges

Dial Ranges (Pressure)

0 to 600 psi

Figure Intervals (Pressure)

100 psi

Smallest Graduation (Pressure)

10 psi

Vacuum Ranges

Dial Ranges (Vacuum)

30"-0 Hg.

Figure Intervals (Vacuum)

5 in

Smallest Graduation (Vacuum)

0.5 in

Compound Ranges

Dial Ranges (Compound)

CA - 30"-0-15 psi
CB - 30"-0-30 psi

CC - 30"-0-60 psi

CD - 30"-0-100 psi

CE - 30"-0-150 psi

CF - 30"-0-200 psi

CG - 30"-0-300 psi

CI - 30"-0-600 psi

Option Codes

Option Codes

PD - Plastic lens
SG - Shatterproof glass

SH - Movable red set hand

TS - Throttle screw

OS - Overpressure stop

VS - Vacuum stop

DM - Marking on dial

EP - Maximum indicating hand

EQ - Minimum indicating hand

73 - Max. & min. indicating hands

NN - Paper tag attached to instrument

NH - Stainless steel tag attached by wire

SS - Special dials (min. quantity required)

S4 - Slotted link for hydraulic service

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